Kraken, which is based in sunny San Francisco, made its debut barely two years after Bitcoin became released into the world in 2009.. They have also raised numerous rounds of funding and had talks earlier this year which valued the exchange at $10 billion. This is a crypto trading platform which was founded in 2011 and became one of the oldest and most easy to use cryptocurrency exchanges for the users in the world. Kraken has been built by focusing on the level of security and an amazing 24/7 customer support. There is absolutely neither any exchanger which is more trustworthy and provides excellent customized services than Kraken.. You can make big money on Kraken, they offer leverage meaning that you can trade with more money than you have deposited.

The CEO of kraken Jesse Powell exposed that the exchange on kraken soon could be easily listed to the users on the stock market in just a few years. 

If we talk about the licenses, then Kraken is the platform which possesses a slew of them in complex regulatory nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. So, yes, Kraken is the kind of exchanger you utilize when conformity is important.

Kraken’s Security

The exchange boasts that it has industry-leading security. Though what evidence do you have to backing up that big assumption?

Well, 95% of user funds are kept in cold storage.Every essential bank details are also secured, and accessibility is tightly controlled.

Kraken’s Hosts are likewise housed in locked cages under the supervision of security guards! There is a large number of security for the precautions that must be taken at Kraken Login and that is the security which led to Kraken being the most protected portfolio as enforcing the employees of kraken in their way similar to the intelligence of agents.

Supported Cryptos on Kraken

When it comes to asset support, Kraken has over 80 different crypto’s available to trade. This contains almost all prominent cryptocurrency, as well as a slew of more unique bets.

In terms of supported countries, all nations on the usual naughty list are blocked, as well as the US states of Washington and New York.

KYC At Kraken 

It is necessary to complete the process of KYC on kraken. However, there are four different KYC levels at Kraken which unlock different features..

Deposit Fiat on Kraken

Some deposit methods are insanely expensive. Kraken does, meanwhile, do have several free deposit options hidden away.

Trading Fees on Kraken

You’ll pay up to 1.5% in fees over there. However, KrakenPro does offer more reasonable fee levels starting out at 0.16% in maker fees and 0.26% in taker fees. Yes, if you’re a frequent crypto investor, you’ll be able to reap the benefits from decreased charges.

Other Features of Kraken

  • Kraken offers margin and futures trading. 
  • However, professionals recommend staying well away from all that. 
  • Also, Kraken offers you access to Parachain auctions. 
  • This allows you the chance to acquire several coins while the initiative is still in its early stages. So, that could be of interest to you.


  1. If you don’t have account then just hit on create button and then input your email address, username, password and country
  1. Also input your email address that which you want to use for verification
  1. Click on get started
  1. For the security of your account kraken and may ask you to upload your government issued ID such as license or passport this helps you to protect your account from any kind of hack
  1. Very fine your account and then your account will be successfully created


To sign in, you will need your password, username or email address. Let us show you how you login you existing kraken login account

  1. Download kraken application from playstore for android and appstore for ios device
  2. You can also visit kraken official website from the browser in your device
  3. Open the app or website and click on sign in
  4. Now write your username or email address
  5. Enter your option . click SIGN IN.



Kraken is a low-cost cryptocurrency exchange. 


Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a variety of other altcoins are all supported by Kraken.


Kraken supports anonymized cryptocurrency exchange, but if you wish to contribute fiat currency, you’ll need to provide KYC information like your ID.


Placing in a variety of cryptos is possible with Kraken, which also delivers Kraken Pro, a sophisticated trading interface.


You can buy, sell, trade and learn about various crypto’s on their exchange. They allow you to deposit and withdraw funds with multiple methods.